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290 Industrial Stitching, Inc. was first established in 1986
and for over 20 years we have helped other companies and
individuals to grow and define themselves within their
marketplace. With the rise of economic pressure and the
race to cut costs, our goal is to provide the highest quality
services at the lowest cost to you, maximizing the quality of
your products.
Our commitment is to provide you with one of the best  in industry sewing and stitching services. With your
great ideas and our creative design, engineering, and production team, the outcome always results in a
quality and unique product to bring to market. Lets be proud to say it's "MADE IN THE U.S.A."
290 Industrial Stitching, Inc.
49 Main Street    
South Barre, MA 01074

Chong Her
:  978-355-0271
Fax:       978-355-0192
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