Have an Idea?

Our team of designers are here to help bring your product to
market. Our team will investigate your competitors, market
situation, and design trends, in your product category, before
actually refining your ideas. Our creative process begins with a
thorough understanding of your passion behind the product. We will
bring you through our proven design process to fully integrate and
investigate all design options before committing to a final design.
Design Process

Once a design is completed, our engineering team will assist in
detailing it for production. Utilizing state of the art software, our
engineers will layout your design so that it can be reproduced
anywhere in the world. Material selection, construction methods,
and cost saving changes will be explored at this stage. Jigs,
pattern designs, and layouts will be created and documented.
Let’s get started?

All it takes is a call or email to start the design process. Even if your idea is still in the concept stage or in
production already, or if you're looking for another manufacturing source, we can assist you and we guarantee
you’ll have fun doing it with us!
Design Team

Our design team uses the latest in computer design and graphics
technology to help visualize your ideas. From concept sketches to
realistic full color computer renderings, you will see the process all the
way through. This process will be a collaborative effort between you
and the designers to ensure that all detail aspects of your design
is captured.

Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCad, 3D Studio Max
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